Airport Transfers

For those of you who like to travel internationally on a regular basis, Planning trips away can be stressful enough without the additional worry of arranging luxury transportation to and from the airport.
We provide the very best luxury airport transport with the largest available fleet of luxury vehicles within the city.

Visa On Arrival

Skip long queues and boring procedures to get a Visa. We provide Visa-On-Arrival for your smooth entry into Ghana.

Visa-on-arrival (VOA) offered by BELFAST is the most comfortable way to obtain a Ghana visa without wasting time. It is legitimated and supported by the GHANA Airport Immigration Service.

Sit back, provide your credentials and we’ll promptly handle the rest!


Come home…

BELFAST will nest you and your loved ones in the most comfortable and exquisitely furnished apart-hotels and villas in the lovely capital.

Our affiliate living spaces are situated in perfect proximity to all the interest points the city has to offer and are meticulously serviced to your lifestyle needs, be it as an individual, a couple or family.

Whatever your stay requires, we’ve got just the space for YOU.

Stay as long as you want! or never leave! we’ll always afford you the home away you deserve!


Because you live well…

Belfast Concierge offers the on-demand services of your very own personal butler. Our private butler experience was created to serve the growing needs for on-demand personal services in our partnered luxurious spaces, to provide more freedom, time and flexibility to our clients in this fast-paced world, and thus significantly improving the quality of life.
For BELFAST, no problem is too small or too big to solve (as long as it’s legal) and you are a request away from the solution.

Our carefully selected (personally interviewed and background checked) butlers, will take care of your requests in record time so you can truly experience unexplored before heights of comfort and convenience.


It all starts with a healthy appetite…

Belfast offers the on-demand services of your very own private chef. For us, the experience isn’t just about delicious and beautifully presented dishes, it’s also about the story, the ingredients, and the recipes. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind, interactive, and fun dining experience in your apartment room with our private home chef service.

 Our highly skilled team of chefs are passionate about food, culture, and people. You will certainly experience this during your meal as we take you on a complete gastronomic experience, explaining the history and background of the food and ingredients while we prepare magnificent dishes.  

We will bring the highest quality of food and service! just bring your appetite!


BELFAST offers services of wellness via our spa, sauna and gym sanctuaries.
Our spa and sauna offer care treatments through essential techniques that relax the mind and reduce the adverse effects of your everyday life on your body whilst preserving your youth.

All treatments offered have been designed to suit our clients seeking lasting health, beauty and youth.


In today’s world, making a powerful first impression on someone takes more than just an upscale outfit, pleasing personality and a firm handshake. It is the age of ultra-modern toys like luxury cars, which serve as a high-end status symbol and are always on the forefront when it comes to leaving a lasting impression in both, corporate as well as personal worlds.

At BELFAST we don’t just offer you a luxury car model; we also offer you a luxury car hire experience. Our staff are fully trained to ensure your premium vehicle rental comes to you spotless and well-serviced, and are on-hand in to advise you the best model for your needs. Our posh car models are replaced after 6 months with the newest version, so you can be confident that the vehicle you’re driving is safe, performing to its highest standard, and of prestige quality.

Our fleet ranges from prestige car makers like Bentley to the luxury vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Infiniti. BELFAST has just the perfect wheels for any trip, age-group, and different tastes and preferences for those who prefer a more luxury car hire.